Unity Web Player | Traverse
Unity Web Player | Traverse

Download Standalone here.



Navigate menus with the mouse. When transferring goods between ships or hangars, left click to transfer a small amount or right click to transfer the maximum possible amount.

In the market it is possible to edit the text fields for quantity rather than using the buttons.

ESC/Start to bring up Save/Quit Menu

Gamepad inputs for XBox 360 controller for Windows

Input Drop Ship Mother Ship
Mouse Movement N/A Shield Position
Mouse Wheel Scroll Up/Down N/A Shield On/Off
A/D Keys or Left/Right Arrow Keys Steer Anti-clockwise/Clockwise Aim Anti-clockwise/Clockwise
Enter/A Button Release Drop Ship N/A
Space Bar/Right Trigger Thrusters Shoot
Left Stick Steer Shield On/Position
Right Stick N/A Aim

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